In the battle between QiuQiu and ChurpChurp should you be paying the price? Let’s see how a blog works and whether you are donating your hard earned money for the right side of justice.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Should we trust the Budget Barbie - QiuQiu

Bong Qiu Qiu ( bongqiuqiu ). Photo: Budget Barbie/Facebook

Her name is Ang Qiu Ting, Ang Chiew Ting and Bong Qiu Qiu, in case you are wondering. Yes I am referring to the same person. There is a hot news surfing around the net regarding her who was accused of breaching her contract with ChurpChurp, which is a renowned social media advertising company for many years. Qiu Qiu ( bongqiuqiu ), with 289k followers on Instagram, apparently entered into an agreement with ChurpChurp few years ago to be exclusively managed as one of their social media influencer. She was then accused to have breached her contract by working with more than 30 brands without ChurpChurp’s consent and approval. When confronted to solve the issue internally, she continued to deny her other commercial deals and proceeded to continuously ignore her contractual terms and conditions.

This caused ChurpChurp to suffer losses and damages and was left with no choice but to file a lawsuit against the renowned Singaporean blogger. The blogger then countersued ChurpChurp by denying her outside commercial deals and said that she was no longer under the management of ChurpChurp. Furthermore, she even fought back by saying that ChurpChurp did not do their best to market her and had defamed her through their blog post that was released on the 11th of August, accusing QiuQiu’s breaching for her agreement causing her to suffer losses from future potential clients as well.

Qiu Qiu then proceeded to send a message of desperate help to her followers on her blog to help fund her legal fees that could cost up to S$250,000 as she had used up most of her savings for lawyer consultation, contract readings and more.

“Actually what’s this ChurpChurp ah?”

They are a social media advertising agency that deals with social media contents and including some of the biggest names mainly from South East Asia (You can head to their website to see their list of social media curators).

The World of bloggers

Before we go into the issue, let’s talk a little about how bloggers earn. Ever since blogs were first introduced to us when we entered the digital age, a massive number of people have been using it as a platform to write about their experiences and stories, trying to reach out to the outside world while enjoying home comfort.  Blogging has revolutionized in a way that it becomes another vehicle of earning an income simply by creating contents continuously. People who create content on blogs, also known as ‘bloggers’, earn a living by creating interesting contents, engaging readers and influencing viewers.

A social media influencer spend years working hard, writing and reviewing products with barely any sponsors until they start receiving hundreds to thousands of views a day, then they start to benefit from writing about certain things. Most famous bloggers are powered by barter trades with certain advertising companies is through placing advertisement on their site. That means when they post something new regarding certain products or services, they get something in return, it can be paid in a form of monetary or free products to giveaway to followers or free services for themselves.

Blogging thus changes the marketing environment because bloggers will benefit from these companies to review their products and services to gain brand awareness and reach their potential customers, win-win situation. However, should you trust whatever they say? Think.

Get a grip of the truth

Blogs merely state their opinion. That's why they are blogs and NOT NEWS! Similarly, you don't have to believe anything I’m saying as well, because well, it’s an opinion. Problem is when we have an emotional connection with the person behind the veil, we tend to think whatever they are saying must be true. This is why people blindly do what they request for. WAKE UP.

Think for a moment, why is it that all of the other bloggers and influencers have a smooth working terms with ChurpChurp but only Qiu Qiu is an exception facing problems? It is of course entirely possible that she is in the right side of the battle, and that she didn’t do anything wrong. But read and try to understand her case first before doing anything else.

Pride won’t bring you far

As I see this case, Churpchurp had already stated everything in black and white and even had a witness to speak on their behalf over this matter. Furthermore, ChurpChurp has evidence of Qiu Qiu’s outside income sources and even attempted many times to solve the matter internally but she refused. This case wouldn’t have gone into court and the legal fees wouldn’t mount up to that amount if she had accepted to solve the case internally and not ignore ChurpChurp’s merciful attempts to solve the matter earlier. Can solve amicably but don’t want, blow up the case already then say no money.

Why would a company simply file a lawsuit over someone whom you believe have done no wrong?

Here’s another food for thought, do you think a company like ChurpChurp who’s a renowned social media advertising agency would put their organization’s reputation at risk without firm grounds? Who would still want to join them if they lose the case? And would they simply file a lawsuit over any matter without taking their own actions first?

If you do not want to renew your contract, the least you could’ve done is to notify the company and WAIT FOR APPROVAL. Get the black and white saying that the contractual obligations are over and do not assume anything before that. This assumption could be costly, literally. Look at what happen now.

Playing with ‘emotional cards’ to trigger our emotions

As I see her blog post, she has mastered the art of emotional deception and is putting up a sentimental play, with her family being the actors. Funny thing is, people are buying those biased words.

She used her current situation as a pregnant mother with heavy responsibilities weighing on her shoulders to seek kindness and sympathy from her followers but then stated that she’s not looking for pity. When I read how she started her blog post I knew her intentions, all I see is her throwing out her ‘pity cards’ by strategically playing her words so readers would feel sorry for her. I’m no hater but I like reading and analyzing cases, allowing my readers to have different perspectives regarding different situations.

Her life could be better than yours

Qiu Qiu is in truth getting so much help from her family. Her husband is a commercial photographer and she has many supportive friends. If she wins the case, I bet she can even afford to buy an even better house.

Ok ok, she claims all her savings went to more than one year of email correspondence, contract reading and consultations etcetera. How “difficult” must have finances been for her, getting through “tough and difficult” time. Yet over the past year she has also been pampering herself to “routine hair sessions”, a grand carnival theme birthday party celebration, numerous plastic surgery procedures to beautify herself. I’m not saying any of these are wrong; it just looks obvious that she must be financially struggling right?

How sure are you that the battle winnings would be given away for good use?

With the money funded from the crowd, how sure are you that the leftover money (if there’s any) will be given to the community chest to aid people in need? Will she be transparent about it? What if she loses this case and has to fork up another few hundred thousand to cover, are you going to use your hard earned money that could be meant to invest in your future house, car or family on her? That is really up for debate; she can just as easily just keep the money for herself, and maybe donate a small portion for name sake. Of course she may be very kind and go donate like what she says, but thing is you would never know.

On top of that, if she loses this case, the crowd loses their money as well. She’s got nothing to lose. She has a nice house, a wonderful husband and family and friends to fund and love her still, and a HDB that’s being rented out and more that she doesn’t list out because she doesn’t want you to know.

She mentioned in her blog herself that her saying is in fact, she should be confident on winning this lawsuit in simply getting family support or folk out on her own pocket money by selling HDB or etc….by then, Churpchurp would have to pay for her losses and that’s a lot of money that she’s going to get. More than enough to fund education of her children…. and her children’s children…. And so on for the next 5 generations or getting another new HDB.

If she lose/win, what do you gain? Think about it.

Maybe a thank you note? She will then be “back to business”, get your readership, your likes, comments, follows, your this and that. She will continue to blog at her convenience, at home or in Starbucks, while you have to deal with a 50 hour work week and a nasty boss in a company full of office politics. She is out for your hard earned money ladies and gentleman. Let me tell you, many of you are going to give it willingly, because many of us can relate to family sentiment and we get sad for her unconsciously, and she taps on that instinct. But you know what, it’s time to step out of that bubble, and see things logically. Your money could be of better use. I’m not sure about you, but I would rather spend on that money on a good meal.

There are many other ways to help someone who’s truly in dire need of help

Look folks, the world is a big and bad place. There are many biting their teeth to survive without proper homes, shelter, food and clean water, family, with a thousand problems.

Qiu Qiu on the other hand is living a better than average comfortable life. Even if she loses, she will always have the support of her followers, and it won’t take much to write another blog, or just simply carry on with a little setback. Many others can’t do that. Donate your money to worthwhile causes that can mean the next meal to someone who can’t eat.

Your money is at stake here, why fund someone’s legal feels when this is her own battle? She could’ve put her pride down and not ignore the attempts to settle the case behind close doors or drop the lawsuit? But she still chose to fight back knowing she has a baby coming, a daughter to take care. She’s gambling with your money, so that she doesn’t have to compromise on her lavish lifestyle. She mentioned in her blog herself that she is on a savvy budget despite being faced with many costs. So how much do you want to bet on her?

Lastly, how is Qiu Qiu so daring to counter-sue Churp Churp knowing that she already has so much at stake and responsibilities to bare? It’s like jumping into the pool without knowing how to swim but still jump because you want to see if you can touch the ground or not without going under water.

           There are so many other ways to support someone, by being there for them or sending nice messages to her. Help her through that way, let her fight her own battle with her own source of money.

A desperate man is not picky

If I were you, I would definitely just support her by sending her nice messages to read, knowing that you are there for her, or sending in milk powder for her daughter, Meredith or baby diapers for that little beautiful life in her womb.


How confident and sure are you that QiuQiu would win this case? And is Qiu Qiu confident with herself on winning this against a social media advertising stronghold? End of the day, it is best we leave the decision to the court. I’m not taking sides and this post is solely an opinion piece (It’s up to you to believe it or not).

Remember there are people out there who don’t have a roof over their heads, a bed to sleep on or even food and water to survive. Are you investing your hard earn money in the right place?

What I think

With a lopsided open support for QiuQiu on her remark directed, sincerely created blog and crowd funding site, I believe it's critical individuals are giving in the wake of comprehension the full setting of what's occurring.

I won’t donate my money for her battle. I always believe a good warrior fight its own battle and a skilled sailor would sail the rough seas alone without the help of nearby ships and a confident poker player that has the right cards to call ‘all in’ on her own. If she believes that she can win this case, she would have ‘all in’ and let the law play its role instead of pooling in money from followers to fight her battle. So what do you think?


  1. OMG! This is so insane. I would rather buy a makeup set for myself than sponsoring for her next plastic surgery. Why pay for someone else’ mistake? So inspiring post!

  2. So much of happening with qiuqiu lawsuit! Even I believe she should have been careful before breaching the contract. She has rights to fight or sue Churp, but not definitely seeking help through crowd funding. Her blog post has no clear-cut information, apart from showing family’s sentimental pictures. Good way to seek people’s sympathy for her own goodness. I had so much respect for her before, but she ruining her own image and I just pity her now!

  3. I agree with you fully Nicholas. Qiu Qiu needs to cut the television drama kind of emotions and start talking facts. People also easy easy believe and fall into trap. Everything also crowdfund. Public money not drop from sky leh.

  4. I fully support this blog post as I think that Qiu Qiu willingly and knowingly breached her contract, hence she needs to face the consequences, not ask the public for donations.

  5. Qiuqiu has been using her 'depression', emotional shits trying to gain people sympathy. This is pathetic. Can't believe she's gonna be a mother of two soon. Enjoying her life with all the luxuries that I cannot even afford even though I'm near her age. Still got the cheek to ask for fund when this is her own problem that she created. I rather donate the money by buying tissue papers from those old aunties/uncles. Waste of money to support this kind of blogger.

  6. Definitely she is playing emotional drama. I don't like her. Crowdfunding for people in need not for the people like qiuqiu lawsuit.

  7. Isn't she a close friend of Xiaxue who joined her in cursing and insulting other people? She is now reaping what she sowed and she deserves it. Wonder how much Xiaxue donated for her? Nothing? I thought so....

  8. I never knew about her because normally I don't read blogs but i came across her and after reading her blog, i didn't like her and my instincts tells me that she is a bad person

    1. QQ is not a bad person but very "street-smart" girl, remember she came out to live w her bf at age 18? Heehee

  9. This QQ, in my opinion, is setting a very bad example for future potential new bloggers.
    Coz , to begin to blog , one can go sign contract w Agency den after few years, ownself go out n bypass Agency, Can get full $$, coz no need give a cut to Agency liao lo.��
    Wen Agency finds out, kena sue, its ok, coz can crowdfund from d very kind-hearted singaporeans who wud sympathise a sob-story, some-more wen hv babies/kids in picture.
    Singaporeans are just too kind, juz look at d amount raised during charity events.
    QQ probably thinking :
    " just try la, singaporeans very sibeh kind one. eh I blog abt my life n post pictures of my cute meredith, ppl shud help me la. "
    Hahahaa... This is just my thots ...



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